In Perspective: Gratitude for food science

Source – Ag Professional

By Colleen Scherer, Managing Editor

Date – Nov 14, 2012

Website –

In November, millions of people will mark the annual tradition of Thanksgiving, which is undoubtedly one of the biggest food holidays celebrated in the United States. Although the holiday centers around food, it is also a time to be mindful and grateful for the foods harvested after a long growing season.

This past growing season was a challenging one for many farmers, crop consultants and ag retailers. With so many crops wilting under the relentless heat and drought of our past summer, being grateful for the food that was produced is paramount. Although farmers get the lion’s share of credit for growing our food, they are not alone in their endeavor. Many are involved with producing the food before it gets to the kitchen table.

During the holidays, it’s good to remember all of the hands that are involved with producing food. From the manufacturer of the tools farmers use to the distribution system that transports our food, there are many people to thank. In our slice of the industry, ag retailers, crop consultants and farm managers are often overlooked. They provide valuable information to farmers and assist them in making critical nutrient, agronomic and application decisions.

This group of ag professionals wouldn’t have the expertise they do without the contribution of scientists. Their research into better, enhanced seed, genome sequencing, agronomics, precision agriculture and crop nutrition have allowed more food to be grown all over the world…

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