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Case must be made for free trade

Източник – Columbia Daily Herald (Tennessee) By Cokie and Steve Roberts Date – 23 Jan 2014 Уебсайт – columbiadailyherald.com/opinion President Obama intends to make free trade a major goal this year, and few policies would do more to stimulate growth and create jobs at a time when too many Americans are still struggling to find […]


Cattle Producers Push for Strong TPP Trade Agreement

Negotiations on the twelve-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (ТЕЦ) споразумение за свободна търговия (FTA) are nearing the ‘endgame’ as heads of state plan to meet on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders Meeting on October 7-8 in Bali, Индонезия. Many policy decisions were left unsettled after the last formal negotiating session on August 22-30. In mid […]

САЩ: Won’t rush into Pacific trade pact

Източник – The Kansas City Star By Matthew Pennington, Associated Press Дата – 23 Август 2013 Уебсайт – www.kansascity.com WASHINGTON — The Obama administration said Friday it won’t sacrifice the quality of a proposed trans-Pacific trade pact in the drive to complete negotiations by year’s end. Партньорството Trans-Pacific, или ТЕЦ, is the key plank of […]

Икономически министрите се споразумяват да създадат АСЕАН 6 за свободна от 2015

Източник – The Nation (Тайланд) By Petchanet Pratruangkrai Date – 23 Август 2013 Уебсайт – www.nationmultimedia.com The 16 economic ministers of Asean+6 have agreed to finalise the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership by 2015, when the Asean Economic Community takes full effect. “The ministers agreed that this free-trade agreement should be a single schedule of commitment that […]

Colombia-US free trade agreement comes into force

Публикуване — BBC News Дата — Май 15, 2012 Уебсайт — www.bbc.co.uk The long-delayed free trade agreement between the US and Colombia has come into effect, more than five years after being signed. At the stroke of midnight, a planeload of flowersan important export for Colombialeft Bogota to become the first […]

Obama undecided on adding Japan to talks

The Detroit News March 8, 2012 By David Shepardson Washington— The Obama administration said Wednesday that it hasn’t decided whether to allow Japan to participate in free-trade talks with other Pacific region nations. U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk told the Senate Finance Committee that the administration was still considering whether to allow Japan, China and Mexico to […]

The Wrong Way to Free Trade

The New York Times Opinionby Jagdish N. Bhagwati July 24, 2011 www.nytimes.com Late last week, a longstanding debate over free-trade agreements with South Korea, Колумбия и Панама — deals that were negotiated under President George W. Bush but never finalizedstalled once again. President Obama supports the agreements, but only if more […]

DAVID CAMERON: Free trade in Africa shows a way out of poverty

BusinessDay (Южна Африка) Мнение – by David Cameron July 18, 2011 www.businessday.co.za Fifty years ago, per capita gross domestic product (БВП) in South Korea was twice that of some African countries. Миналата година, it was nearly 40 пъти по-висока. But in the past decade sub-Saharan Africa was the third-fastest-growing region in the world, after China […]

SHAPIRO: Pass free-trade agreements to create U.S. работни места

The Washington Times Opinionby Gary Shapiro July 12, 2011 www.washingtontimes.com Every day Congress does nothing, American workers and businesses lose Last week, the Senate and House held a successful mock vote on the free-trade agreements (Споразумения за свободна търговия) with Colombia, Panama and South Korea. While not legally binding, a mock vote is an important way […]

Ads taken out against Korea free trade agreement

Detroit Free Press July 5, 2011 BY TODD SPANGLER Original Source WASHINGTONA group opposed to the Korea free trade agreement is taking out radio and television ads asking people to call House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp and urge him to vote against the legislation. The American Jobs Alliance – независим […]

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