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Senate Committee to hear about agricultural biotechnology from TATT board member Joanna Lidback

Vermont farmer Joanna Lidback, a member of the Board of Directors for Truth About Trade & Teknologi, will be a witness at a U.S. Senate Committee hearing Wednesday, Oktober 21, 2015. The scheduled hearing Agriculture Biotechnology: A Look at Federal Regulation and Stakeholder Perspectives is before the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Ernæring og skovbrug. Senator Pat Roberts […]

Ted Sheely on the John Batchelor Show

Ted Sheely is a California farmer. This year he has been forced to idle one-third of his prime farm ground because of the drought. Ted writes in this week’s column that the water situation is about choices, and while farmers are getting blamed for using a lot of water, environmentalists actually claim more water than […]

2015 World Food Prize Laureate – Sir Fazle Hasan Abed of Bangladesh

Kilde – The World Food Prize, Press Release Date – 1 Juli 2015 Websted – 2015 World Food Prize Laureate: Leading a Generation out of Poverty Founder of BRAC to receive $250,000 prize for giving nearly 150 million people worldwide the opportunity for enhanced food security and a pathway out of poverty Washington, DC. (Juli […]

“Mad Babe” kaldt ud på Gawker for at være “det værste angreb på videnskaben på internettet”

Hvis du tilflugtssted ’ t set det, then you must check out this piece at Gawker by Yvette d’Entremont, bedre kendt som Science Babe. She is actually a scientist who knows what she’s talking about and completely calls out Vani Hari the “Mad Babe” for at være “det værste angreb på videnskaben på internettet” samt […]