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Vechten Honger om vrede te bereiken

Vechten Honger om vrede te bereiken

As the Christmas season is celebrated around the world the wish for “peace on earth” is expressed by many. As I hear these words repeated, het doet denken aan een opmerking gemaakt door Dr. Norman Borlaug wanneer hij aanvaard de Nobel Peace Prize in 1970: "Als je vrede wenst, cultiveren van Justitie, but at the same […]


Honoring Those Who Use Science to Multiply the Harvest

When I first met Marc Van Montagu at a meeting of farmers in Brussels, I didn’t know who he was—but I was immediately impressed by his views on biotechnology. He was both honest and intelligent, and best of all he knew what he was talking about. Only later did I learn what he had accomplished […]


A Portuguese Farmer’s Request for the Freedom to Choose Technology That Helps Feed the World and Science-Based Decisions by the European Commission

We can buy it but we can’t grow it. That’s how crazy the European Union’s policies on biotech food have become. Regulators let us purchase livestock feed derived from genetically modified crops, but only if it’s produced abroad. We’re forbidden to grow these exact same plants on our own farms. It makes no sense, en […]

Freedom to Choose – A Farmers Basic Right

It remains to be seen what they’ll do, though anything that allows farmers to break through the anti-GMO gridlock that dominates Brussels is a step in the right directionnot just for those of us here in Europe, but for farmers almost everywhere. It’s not a hard principle to understand: Farmers should have the freedom to […]

Great Expectations

As a Portuguese farmer, I’m hoping that he willspecifically with respect to Europe and GM crops. De heer. Obama has the ear of Europeans. Pre-election polls in Britain, Frankrijk, Duitsland, Italië, and Russia showed him trouncing his rival, John McCain, by huge margins if they had the opportunity to choose. What these supporters may not realize […]

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