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Конгресса договоренности, достигнутой на Обамы Торговля Общения администрации

Источник – Bloomberg, Брайан Уингфилд, Лаура Litvan и Майкл C. Бендер Дата – 9 Январь 2014 Сайт – Лидеры конгресса www.Bloomberg.com, кто наблюдает за торговой политики представил сегодня законодательство, которое даст президента Barack Obama полномочия фаст трек, он стремится принять три крупнейших мировых соглашений. Председатель Дом Пути и средства комитета Дэйв Кэмп […]

Trade barriers and small-scale farmers

Nigerian Business Day July 23, 2012 The free trade flows that have powered robust global economic growth since the end of World War II are increasingly coming under threat. If left unchecked, a wave of trade-distorting regulation will harm people in the developing world, particularly small farmers in poor countries. Consider that the World Trade […]

Порты Востока хотят копать глубже

Публикация — Автор пчела Сакраменто — По дате Кёртис Тейт — Май 9, 2012 Сайт — www.sacbee.com Вашингтон – более широкий, глубже Панамский канал будет открыт в 2014, означает, что корабли biggercargo наполнены более частое товары могут перемещаться непосредственно в населенных пунктах Восточного побережья вместо остановки на Западном побережье и отправки контейнеров […]

Bt культур удваивается выход хлопка Индии

Публикация — Бизнес Стандарт (Индия) Дата — Март 13, 2012 Сайт — HTTP://бизнес-standard.com Biotech (Bt) Технология растениеводства имеет более чем в два раза производство хлопка Индии, Правительство табель заявил сегодня, призывает к более таких революций. "По 2011-12, почти 90 процентов хлопка области освещается в Bt хлопка и производства более чем в два раза. […]

Пакистан, India May Reap Peace From Free Trade Deal

Investor’s Business Daily February 29, 2012 Свободная торговля: Is an end to the nonstop conflict between India and Pakistan in sight? A big free-trade agreement between the two Asian giants by the end of the year might just be the peace tonic both countries need. It was Frederic de Bastiat, the great French libertarian philosopher, who […]

How Kenya Is Building a Sustainable Banana

Bloomberg January 24, 2012 By Alan Bjerga The Kenya Agricultural Research Institute is banana paradise. The artificial sun shines on plants for 16 hours a day and hides for eight. Tender green shoots luxuriate in pint jars containing a milky liquid that’s rich in all the nutrients a growing banana needs. It’s a sterile environment, […]

Cameron to Urge More Bilateral Trade Deals After Doha Failure

Bloomberg Business Week January 26, 2012 By Gonzalo Vina Jan. 26 (Bloomberg) — British Prime Minister David Cameron will call on other nations to pursue bilateral trade accords while a “coalition of the willing” among them seeks broader regional free-trade agreements, including a European Union deal with the U.S. Cameron will say in a speech […]

Possibility of Merging USTR with Other Agencies

Farm Futures January 18, 2012 If Congress gives the Obama Administration the green light to reorganize the government, a single federal food safety agency is likely. Если это произойдет, Office of Management and Budget Director for Management Jeff Zients believes the first proposal will be to merge the six business-oriented agencies, folding together the Commerce […]

Commerce revamp could weaken trade policy

Washington Post January 13, 2012 By Howard Schneider and Peter Whoriskey President Obama’s plan to streamline the government’s trade and commerce agencies could raise major issues involving trade-policy negotiations, and while lawmakers expressed enthusiasm for making the government more efficient, some wanted more details before pledging support. Agencies such as the Office of the U.S. Торговый представитель […]

US trade mission coming to India next month

Hindu Business Line January 12, 2012 ВАШИНГТОН, JAN 12: A senior Obama administration official will lead the first-ever US ports and maritime technology trade industry mission to India next month as New Delhi embarks on a plan to modernise its maritime security. Led by Francisco Sanchez, US Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, the […]

Port of Los Angeles sets record for exports‎

Los Angeles Times December 15, 2011 By Ronald D. White Original Source A rising tide of exports has been flowing through the nation’s busiest seaport complex this year, helped by a weak dollar and a strengthening U.S. manufacturing sector. В ноябре, more U.S. goods than ever before moved out of the Port of Los Angeles […]

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