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Gates puts focus on importance of small-scale farmers

  Reposted from the Foundation Blog at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:   Posted by Bill Gates on May 09, 2011 Small Farmers Are the Answer On May 24, I’ll be giving a speech in Washington, D.C . to draw attention to farming families in the developing world and the important role they play in cutting […]

On farming and the future of food, high-speed rail in Britain, Egypt, China

The Economist March 17, 2011 www.economist.com SIR – GM crops are the answer for many African farmers. It is the cruel propaganda of European activists, sadly swallowed by the ruling African urban class, that prevents poor farmers from access to this lifeline. GM seeds are offered free to African farmers by Monsanto. And yet, out […]

Price controls ‘not the answer’ to food inflation

Agrmoney.com (UK) January 26, 2011 www.agrimoney.com Governments considering price controls, export bans or investing in crop futures to tackle soaring food inflation should think again, United Nations officials warned, as the head of Nestle forecast high bills may be here to stay. The UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation cautioned that while buying crop futures might […]

Britain Sees GM Foods as Answer to Self-Sufficiency

Financial Times (UK) / via AgBioView By Jim Pickard August 11, 2009www.ft.com Genetically modified crops could be part of the solution for making British agriculture more self-sufficient, Hilary Benn, environment minister, said yesterday as the government launched its first review of the nation’s food security. "We need to produce as much food as we can […]

Jimmy’s GM Food Fight

Horizon – BBC November 25, 2008’Jimmy Doherty is on a mission to discover whether GM food is the answer to the world’s food problems Is GM food the answer to the world’s foods problems? Or is it a Frankenstein science which will contaminate the world’s ecosystems and boost profits for a handful of multinational corporations? […]

Even in tough times, free trade is the answer

The London Telegraph Original Publish Date: July 3, 2008 As sure as night follows day, the global economic downturn is prompting calls for protectionism. It promises to become a salient issue in the American presidential campaign with the Republican candidate, Senator John McCain, pinning his free-trade colours firmly to the mast while his Democrat opponent, […]

Are sanctions the answer?

International Herald Tribune”In the often black and white, good-versus-evil debate over how to deal with the brutal military regime here, Ma Thanegi lives in a world of gray. To her admirers, the feisty 61-year-old Burmese painter and writer is a voice of reason – a former as”

Commentary: Green Acres

The Wall Street JournalHere`s today`s quiz: What do Scottie Pippen, David Letterman and Ted Turner have in common? Answer: None of them are farmers, but all three have received thousands of dollars in federal farm subsidies this decade. We could add to that list of non-farmer farm-aid recipients David Rockefeller, Leonard Lauder of the cosmetics […]

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