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Oxfam’s Approach To Food Security Is Broken

Six astonishing words: “The global food system is broken.” This radical claim, asserted in Oxfam’s latest report, takes for granted the impressive fact that farmers make it possible for billions of people to eat nutritious food every day. Over the last six decades, farmers have tripled the yield of the world’s most important staple crops–rice, […]

‘Let’s Move’ Toward A More Effective Approach To Obesity

Forbes Henry Miller March 15, 2011 http://blogs.forbes.com Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” anti-obesity campaign celebrated its first birthday last month with nationwide events orchestrated by the White House. Its goal is worthy: Obesity affects 12.4% of children ages 2 to 5, 17% of those ages 6 to 11 and 17.6% of those ages 12-19. It takes […]

Europe’s New Approach to Biotech Food

New York Times By James Kanter July 7, 2010 www.nytimes.com BRUSSELS — After decades of pushing nations to surrender more power to Brussels, the European Union is about to throw in the towel on one highly contentious issue: genetically modified foods. On Tuesday, the European Commission will formally propose giving back to national and local […]

Lamy Calls for Two-Track Approach to Wrap up Doha

 Bridges Weekly Trade News Digest WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy has called for a new approach to bringing the nearly eight-year-old Doha Round of world trade talks to a close. The two-track negotiations that Lamy outlined at a meeting of the WTO’s General Council on Tuesday appear to represent a compromise between two competing views of how […]

New Approach to Global Trade Deals Sought

 Red River Farm Network The G-8 nations will meet next month and the emphasis will be on agriculture. Agriculture leaders from the industrialized nations were in Rome to complete an agreement that will be forwarded to government leaders. North Dakota Farmers Union President Robert Carlson represented the National Farmers Union at this meeting. "The farmers in […]

In U.S., Brown Calls for Global Approach

 The Wall Street Journal March 5, 2009 By COREY BOLES WASHINGTON — U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown sounded a decidedly antiprotectionist note in an address to Congress on Wednesday, telling lawmakers that "the challenges we all face are all global." In a speech to a special joint session of Congress, Mr. Brown said that governments should […]

Africa’s organic farms

International Herald Tribune”Approach any serious-looking college student in the Boston area, where I teach, and ask them what kind of food and farming system they would like to see. Most will say they don’t want food from factory farms with a large carbon footprint. They want foods “

Panel Urges National Approach To GM Technology Regulation

ABCThere is a call today for a national approach to the regulation of gene technology because of confusion caused by state-based bans on genetically modified (GM) crops. The Gene Technology Act was introduced in 2000 to oversee the use of GM technology in Australia but since then all states except Queensland and the Northern Territory […]

Ex-U.S. Official Says Tariff Threat Is Wrong Approach Toward China

The Wall Street JournalHong Kong – James A. Baker III, former U.S. secretary of the treasury and secretary of state, said a threat by Congress to impose tariffs on Chinese imports unless China revalues its currency isn`t the right approach to solving the trade imbalance between the two countries. Mr. Baker, speaking at a gathering […]

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