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Lots of Talk, Too Little Action

New York Times 6/27/2011 Original Source The price of agricultural commodities has surged by more than a third over the past year — cereal prices by 70 percent — surpassing even the levels that sparked widespread food riots in 2008. According to the World Bank, the rise in prices pushed 44 million more people into […]

G-20 to Press U.S. to End Aid for Biofuels Industry

The Wall Street Journal June 22, 2011 By JOHN W. MILLER Original Source BRUSSELS—The U.S. will face new pressure from fellow Group of 20 nations to end government aid for the biofuels industry at a meeting of farm ministers in Paris on Wednesday and Thursday, said trade diplomats and analysts. The biofuels industry turns corn, […]

EU rules on biofuel concern soybean growers

Des Moines Register By Philip Brasher May 28, 2011 www.desmoinesregister.com Washington, D.C. – The European Union has set new environmental and labor standards for the crops used to make biofuels there, angering U.S. farmers who worry that such restrictions could spread to other products and countries. The standards include greenhouse gas limits that biofuel feedstocks […]

Court challenges stall new biofuel crops

Des Moines Register By Philip Brasher January 22, 2011 www.desmoinesregister.com Washington, D.C. – The same technology used to engineer most of the corn and soybeans that farmers grow could produce new feedstocks for biofuels – fast-growing trees or hardier perennial grasses that need little fertilizer. But the genetically engineered feedstock that is closest to commercialization, […]

Effort to Shift Biofuel Industry Incentives Gains Foothold in Washington

The New York Times By ALLISON WINTER of Greenwire October 22, 2010   www.nytimes.com     The Obama administration and biofuel-industry advocates are slowly backing off traditional tax incentives for corn-based fuels in favor of financing infrastructure aimed at increasing the distribution of renewable fuels. The administration's biggest ethanol booster, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, acknowledged […]

Growth of biofuel industry hurt by GMO regulations

AgBioView / www.physorg.com October 1, 2010   www.physorg.com     Faster development of the promising field of cellulosic biofuels – the renewable energy produced from grasses and trees – is being significantly hampered by a "deep and thorny regulatory thicket" that makes almost impossible the use of advanced gene modification methods, researchers say. In a […]

Africa Can Grow Biofuel Crops Without Harming Food, Habitats, Study Shows

Bloomberg By Rudy Ruitenberg July 23, 2010 www.bloomberg.com Africa can grow biofuel crops on a “significant scale” without damaging food production or natural habitats, researchers said. A study of biofuel production in Senegal, Mali, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and Mozambique found enough land is available to “significantly” raise cultivation of sugar cane, sorghum and jatropha for […]

Ethanol producers in Brazil, U.S. in ad war over incentives

Des Moines Register By Philip Brasher April 13, 2010 www.desmoinesregister.com Washington, D.C. – The U.S. and Brazilian ethanol industries are launching competing ad campaigns as they prepare for a fight in Congress over the future of U.S. incentives for the biofuel. U.S. producers have the better-funded and most ambitious campaign. Growth Energy, a Washington-based trade […]

Designer Biofuel Crops

Forbes By Jonathan Fahey April 1, 2010 www.forbes.com Plants wouldn’t have been able to thrive for hundreds of millions of years if they weren’t tough. Which is why humans are having such difficulty breaking down plants in the quest to turn plant matter into biofuels. So one company called Agrivida is trying to use plant […]

Ethanol tanks

The Economist October 22, 2009 The Economist October 22, 2009 www.economist.com More suggestions that biofuels are not an environmental free lunch ONCE upon a time, biofuels were thought of as a solution to fossil-fuel dependence. Now they are widely seen as a boondoggle to agribusiness that hurts the environment and cheats taxpayers. A report commissioned […]

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