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GMO activists stage protest outside Greenpeace’s Brussels office

Source – EurActive.com Date – 23 Jan 2014 Website – www.euractiv.com GMO activists have launched a campaign to get EU approval for genetically engineered crops, staging a protest outside the Brussels office of environmental group Greenpeace today (23 January). The protesters gathered outside the Greenpeace offices in the heart of Brussels’ political centre at 11 […]

Back To The Future – Let’s Reverse 25 Years Of Flawed Agbiotech Regulation

Forbes 6/22/2011 Henry Miller Original Source Sunday will mark an important, if obscure, anniversary: exactly a quarter century of federal regulators screwing up the oversight of genetically engineered plants. It was supposed to be otherwise. On June 26, 1986, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy published a policy statement called the Coordinated […]

USDA plans to outsource biotech studies

Capital Press (Oregon) By MATEUSZ PERKOWSKI April 14, 2011 www.capitalpress.com The USDA plans to experiment with a new way of evaluating biotech crops for potential commercialization. Under the agency's new two-year pilot project, biotech developers would conduct their own environmental assessment of transgenic crops or pay contractors to perform the analysis. Currently, officials at USDA's […]

After Bt Bringal, will Himachal GM Potato find acceptance?

AgBioView / Himachal (India) Posted by Ravinder Makhaik March 28, 2011 http://himachal.us Shimla: With pressure on improving productivity mounting to meet food needs of today and tomorrow, scientists at Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla (CPRI) have succeeded in developing a late blight disease resistance potato through genetic modification for boosting production and in a separate […]

‘Green Super Rice’ About Two Years Away for Asia, Africa

VOANews.com February 21, 2011 http://www.voanews.com   Audio available VOA website – click here to go to the story.   This is the VOA Special English Agriculture Report. Scientists have worked for twelve years to develop what they call Green Super Rice. They say several varieties should be available to farmers about two years from now in parts […]

Bill Gates and the Cassava That Could Save Africa

AgBioView / Minyanville.com By Justin Rohrlich December 21, 2010 www.minyanville.com Even if the worst thing anyone imagines about genetically modified organisms were true, they would be worth it. If you look at what people are dying of in Africa and what these plants could do to produce food, we would have to be absolutely out […]

Regulation Must Be Revolutionized

AgBioView / Nature Vol 466p561 Ingo Potrykus July 29, 2010 ‘Unjustified and impractical legal requirements are stopping genetically engineered crops from saving millions from starvation and malnutrition, says Ingo Potrykus.’ Genetically engineered crops could save many millions from starvation and malnutrition – if they can be freed from excessive regulation. That’s the conclusion I’ve reached […]

Food for Thought on GM Crops

AgBioView / Project Syndicate 2010 Per Pinstrup-Andersen July 2, 2010 http://www.project-syndicate.org COPENHAGEN – As the world debates a new climate-change treaty, drought continues in Kenya. Maize plants wither, hitting poor rural families the hardest. People are starving, and many of those who survive are grossly malnourished. There is hope: next year, the Kenyan authorities will […]

Taking genetic engineering from labs to African farms as millions starve

Xinhau  (China) By Ronald Ssekandi May 19, 2009 http://news.xinhuanet.com ENTEBBE, Uganda, May 19 (Xinhua) — Researchers, policy makers and heads of farmer associations on Tuesday started a three-day meeting here aimed at examining the potential benefits of producing Genetically Modified (GM) crops to boost food production in hunger stricken Africa. While in this meeting emphasis […]

Brasher: Modified corn could provide vitamins

 Des Moines Register May 3, 2009 by PHILIP BRASHER pbrasher@dmreg.com Washington, D.C. – A multivitamin for the world’s poor could be found in a cup of cornmeal. Scientists in Spain have engineered African lines of white corn to provide high levels of beta carotene, a key source of vitamin A, a nutrient critical to protecting eyesight. […]

Genetically engineered animals and the FDA

LA Times January 26, 2009Are genetically engineered fish and meat coming soon? We examine the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations. By Jill U. Adams Los Angeles Times January 26, 2009 Fast-growing salmon. Pork containing heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. These are two examples of products you might see in your local supermarket soon — animals developed […]

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