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Export Restriction Concerns Expressed Again

The high and volatile agricultural commodity prices of the past fifteen months have renewed concerns about food security for low-income net food importing countries. The International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council and CUTS International of India organized a session at the WTO Public Forum on September 20 to consider rebalancing importers’ and exporters’ rights […]

Nobody Should Be Fooled. It’s Protectionism.

The New York Times July 18, 2011 Editorial Original Source The World Trade Organization’s ruling this month against China’s restrictions on the export of raw materials is a welcome decision that we hope will temper China’s mercantilistic strategy, in which every policy decision is designed to favor Chinese exporters. It also should serve as a […]

Export Restrictions Receive More Attention at the WTO

As WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy and agriculture talks chair David Walker prepare for a ten-day Easter break in trade negotiations and resumption on April 29th, agricultural export restrictions are receiving increased attention. At a March 31 meeting of the Agriculture Committee and a later agriculture negotiations meeting, WTO members expressed concerns similar to ones raised […]

Impact of export restrictions more serious than first thought

Financial Times By Javier Blas November 29, 2010 www.ft.com If you would like to redistribute this article please respect FT.com's ts&cs and copyright policy which allow you to: share links; copy content for personal use; & redistribute limited FT content. Email ftsales.support@ft.com to buy additional rights. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/60406262-f636-11df-a313-00144feab49a.html#ixzz17UXGGPir What have in sugar, cotton and wheat got […]

Can export bans be challenged at the WTO?

Reuters August 12, 2010 www.reuters.com Russia’s ban on grain exports as a heat wave parches crops in the world’s third biggest wheat exporter has raised questions whether such export curbs break World Trade Organization rules. Russia is not a member of the WTO, and it remains to be seen how its new grain policy will […]

Export Restrictions Curtail Food Security: IPC Recommends Alternative Measures and Improved Trade Di

International Food and Agriculture Trade Policy Council (IPC) January 26, 2009For more information, please contact: Charlotte Hebebrand, +1 202 328 5001, hebebrand@agritrade.org Christine St. Pierre, +1 202 328 5117, stpierre@agritrade.org January 26, 2009 Export Restrictions Curtail Food Security: IPC Recommends Alternative Measures and Improved Trade Disciplines to Ensure Reliability of Supply “The financial crisis should […]

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