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Trial Farms Raise Farming Standards and Yields

The African Executive February 1, 2012 An initiative to train 15,000 Western Kenya smallholder farmers (SHFs) on small demonstration plots has begun bearing fruits as some farmers are reporting increased yields. Started in 2010, the program is focused at improving soil fertility in the region, rife with depleted soils and chronic food insecurity occasioned by […]

New soil fertility method boosts crop production

Business Daily (Kenya) By Bob Koigi February 22, 2011 www.businessdailyafrica.com An innovative method of boosting soil fertility has increased yields for farmers in Western Kenya by up to 10 times, promising to increase harvests and boost nutrition if adopted on wide scale. The four-year project, which was launched last year, has raised the net returns […]

Green Fields: Monsanto’s new idea may make detasseling of corn obsolete

Des Moines Register January 10, 2010 Des Moines Register PHILIP BRASHER & DAN PILLER business@dmreg.com January 10, 2010 www.desmoinesregister.com What is left of a longstanding Corn Belt rite – detasseling – may end for good when Monsanto brings to market what it calls its "Roundup Hybridization System" for corn. Cornfields also will lose much of […]

Producers wrestle with fertilizer decisions

Brownfield AG Network October 22, 2008With continued high input costs and falling crop prices, many corn and soybean producers will be wrestling with soil fertilizer decisions this fall. Some may be considering a reduction in fertilizer applications. Agronomy experts recognize the challenge, but say the best course of action varies with each situation. Iowa State […]

Ag companies aim to turn corn parts into ethanol

Des Moines Register By Dan Piller Original Publish Date: August 28, 2008 Agribusiness companies Deere & Co., Archer Daniels Midland and Monsanto Co. will collaborate on a research project to explore processes to turn corn residue – such as stalks, cobs and husks — into ethanol. The companies didn’t identify where the project research would […]

Africa faces barren future`To feed people we must feed the soil`

Toronto StarKampala, Uganda Africa is in danger of losing its ability to feed an already hungry population because its farmland is rapidly becoming barren, a major new study warns. More than 80 per cent of farmland in sub-Saharan Africa, where one in three people is undernourished, is so depleted of nutrients it has been rendered […]

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