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Several Sectors Denounce Recent Attack on UPLB Bt Eggplant Trial

SEARCA BIC News Release By Jenny A. Panopio and Sophia M. Mercado February 18, 2011 http://www.bic.searca.org/   Link: http://www.bic.searca.org/ BAY, Laguna – The academic and scientific community of the Philippines, represented by the National Academy of Science and Technology, expressed indignation on the recent attack made by anti-biotech groups on the Bt eggplant field trial in […]

GM crops: The EC allows politics to trump science

AgBioView / The Guardian(UK) Eoin Lettice August 17, 2010 www.guardian.co.uk ‘A decision to allow member states to go their own way on genetically modified crops is a failure both to science and to the EU’s principles’ The recent decision by the European commission to give its member states the power to ban genetically modified crops […]

GMOs: Member States to be given full responsibility on cultivation in their territories

Europa European Commission Press Release July 13, 2010 http://europa.eu Today the Commission proposed to confer to Member States the freedom to allow, restrict or ban the cultivation of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) on part or all of their territory. While keeping unchanged the EU’s science-based GM authorisation system, the adopted package consists of a Communication, […]

EU to let states rule on GM crops

BBC News July 13, 2010 http://news.bbc.co.uk EU officials plan to give the 27 member states the freedom to grow, restrict or ban genetically modified (GM) crops. The European Commission says different local conditions mean EU countries need more flexibility to decide where, if at all, GM crops are grown. But the EU will continue to […]

Latin American Democrats Need U.S. Support

The Wall Street Journal December 12, 2008By JOSé MARIA AZNAR , VICENTE FOX , ANDRéS PASTRANA , JULIO MARIA SANGUINETTI and FRANCISO FLORES We are friends of the United States. We admire the long and firm commitment of the American people to the values of freedom, democracy and individual dignity. When we served our countries, […]

Former presidents say free trade can help Latin America

The December 12, 2008 Wall Street Journal had a guest opinion column “Latin American Democrats Need U.S. Support – Free trade is one way to help prevent the resurgence of autocracy in the region” from five former presidents: Jose Maria Aznar of Spain; Vicente Fox of Mexico; Andres Pastrana of Colombia; Julio Maria Sanguinetti of […]

LOHMAN/HAMMOND-CHAMBERS: Ideal free-trade candidate

The Washington Times November 12, 2008Regrettably, trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea are stalled. But that doesn’t mean President-elect Barack Obama should get out of the free-trade business. He can jump start his trade agenda with a bang – and Congress can restore its free trade credentials – by setting America on the […]

A nation of ambition

Omaha World-HeraldAmericans needn`t feel guilty about pursuing their own economic interests. Americans, critics say, are too pampered, too fixated on economic ambition. It`s claimed that we need wide-ranging change – that is, we should slow down the economy and adopt a version of 1970s-style “small is beautiful” utopianism. Through a combination of “consciousness raising” and […]

Trading Time With Cuba

“The irony is that CastroÕs statement arrived hours after the conclusion of PresidentÕs Day, which was originally established to honor the birthday of George Washington–a military commander who voluntarily relinquished his political office after two terms of service, setting a democratic example that has guided American presidents ever since. At any rate, CastroÕs overdue departure […]

Fox: U.S. not heeding own values on Mexico

The Chicago TribuneVicente Fox, the former president of Mexico who broke 71 years of one-party rule when he was elected in 2000, met with the Tribune editorial board Tuesday to discuss immigration, politics in Latin America, relations with the U.S. and other issues. Here is some of what he had to say. Erecting a wall […]

EU Court rejects Austrian biotech ban

Check Biotech & EU BusinessYesterday, the European Court of Justice confirmed that statutory GMO-free regions are illegal. The Court dismissed the appeals of Upper Austria and the Austrian Government against their ban on the use of biotech crops in the region of Upper Austria. Yesterday, the European Court of Justice confirmed that statutory GMO-free regions […]

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