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DAVID CAMERON: Free trade in Africa shows a way out of poverty

BusinessDay (South Africa) Opinion – by David Cameron July 18, 2011 www.businessday.co.za Fifty years ago, per capita gross domestic product (GDP) in South Korea was twice that of some African countries. Last year, it was nearly 40 times higher. But in the past decade sub-Saharan Africa was the third-fastest-growing region in the world, after China […]

Obama Supports Russia’s Effort to Join WTO

The Wall Street Journal By CAROL E. LEE May 26, 2011 http://online.wsj.coRead more…m DEAUVILLE, France—The Obama administration believes Russia can resolve the remaining issues, primarily Georgia's concerns, and achieve accession to the World Trade Organization, U.S. officials said Thursday. "The way the U.S. government sees it, this is an issue that could be done this […]

Conventional Trade Wisdom

Yet sometimes the conventional wisdom is worth proving because the stakes are so high. A good example is a new study from the Department of Agriculture. It asks an important question in its title: “Are Competitors’ Free Trade Agreements Putting U.S. Agricultural Exporters at a Disadvantage?” The answer, of course, is yes. The real shocker […]

Our double standards of GM foods vs science

The New Age (South Africa)By Riel Malan May 3, 2011 www.thenewage.co.za   Link: http://www.thenewage.co.za/16889-9-53-Our_double_standards_of_GM_foods_vs_science In last weeks column I touched on the impact of the new Consumer Protection Act and the effect on labelling requirements. What I didnt mention was that the act makes specific mention of labelling requirements of genetically modified (GM) foods. By implication, […]

The emissions omitted

The Economist April 28, 2011 www.economist.com WHICH do you value: production or consumption? The preference has long defined economic questions ranging from tax policies to development. Now it matters in national carbon accounting too. If you look at production, you count the carbon that comes from a territory’s smokestacks, exhaust pipes and forest fires. With […]

Panama trade pact ready for Congress

Des Moines Register By Philip Brasher April 19, 2011 http://blogs.desmoinesregister.com The White House says it has resolved the last issues with the Panama free-trade agreement, clearing the way for it to go to Congress along with proposed pacts with South Korea and Colombia. Key Iowa farm commodities stand to benefit from all three of the […]

The Battle Royale for Supercorn

Businessweek By Jon Birger April 14, 2011 www.businessweek.com Marc Albertsen, the bespectacled, 62-year-old research director at Pioneer Hi-Bred, DuPont's (DD) seed development unit, was catching up on paperwork one morning in July 2007 when he got a call from an assistant, Sharon Cerwick. "Marc," Cerwick said, "you'd better come out here and see this." Cerwick […]

Obama’s Dumping Dilemma

The Wall Street Journal April 12, 2011 http://online.wsj.com April 1 marked the start of a new financial quarter, and with it a whole new trade headache for the Obama Administration. Five new requests for antidumping duties were filed in only two days at the end of March by U.S. producers seeking protection from imports. More […]

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