Speakers Bureau

Need a panelist or speaker for your conference, meeting or event? The Board of Directors and Management team (see their expanded backgrounds on the Biographies page) for Truth About Trade and Technology have a wide range of expertise and speaking experiences to meet your needs on agricultural trade and biotechnology issues. Their biographies highlight many of their real world experiences and specialties that can help you match the right person to your needs.

Connections can also be made with members of the Global Farmer Network who have attended TATT’s Global Farmer Roundtable in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 20112012 or 2013 Or to the Kleckner Trade & Technology Advancement Award winners: 2007Rosalie Ellasus (Philippines) 2008Jeff Bidstrup (Australia) 2009 – Jim McCarthy (Ireland) 2010 – Gabriela Cruz (Portugal) 2011Gilbert arap Bor (Kenya), 2012 – Rajesh Kumar (India) and 2013 – V. Ravichandran (India).  Each of the members of the Global Farmer Network have powerful personal stories to share.

Board members, Ross Korves, and members of TATT’s Global Farmer Network have been invited to speak or appear on panels in numerous locations around the U.S. and the world – Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Austria, Peru, Brazil, and the European Union in Brussels to highlight a few. Inquiries can be made directly to the Truth About Trade and Technology office:

Mary Boote
Chief Executive Officer
Truth About Trade & Technology
309 Court Avenue, Suite 214
Des Moines, IA 50309 United States
Phone: (515) 274-0800
Fax: (240) 201-8451 USA calling code – (001)
Email: info@truthabouttrade.org or mboote@truthabouttrade.org

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